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Mental Health Services Slough

Residents in Slough who are struggling with their mental health can find local support services, healthcare facilities and more in this guide by Plumber Slough. Mental health services Slough are available to anybody who is having problems themselves, or who is worried about a friend or loved one.

Access Mental Health Services Slough

Anyone can experience problems with their mental health. It is important to seek advice and treatment so you can start to get better quickly. These problems can range from mild anxiety and depression to urgent mental health crisis situations. There are plenty of mental health services Slough available, so you can quickly and easily find the support and advice you need.

Services for Children

More children and young people than ever before are experiencing mental health difficulties. Slough families who need mental health support can access the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, better known as CAMHS. The Berkshire NHS Trust can refer children and their parents to the service. Your own Slough GP can also put in a referral request.

CAMHS received extra funding in the 2017/18 budget. It can now offer a wider range of services, and also has additional staff to handle demand. Slough CAMHS is partnered with Autism Berkshire, Youth-Line, and also with the Youth Talk Service.

Get advice and more information by calling 0300 365 1234.

Services for Adults

New Horizons is one of several mental health services Slough which is designed to support adults with mental health issues. It is located at Fir Tree House, Pursers Court, Slough, SL2 5BX. Call 01793 690 950 to speak to an advisor.

People with disabilities can easily access the New Horizons building. It has ramp access and a hearing aid loop. Any adult with complex or severe mental health issues can make use of the New Horizons facility. Service users and also their carers can get help and advice, plus referrals to therapy and care services.

Services for the Elderly

Elderly people in Slough can access a range of mental health services. Their carers and advocates can also make use of mental health services Slough. People with dementia often experience mental health issues. They need specialist care, which the Berkshire Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust can provide.

Wexham Park Hospital has a special patient liaison service which provides mental health support for dementia patients. It also offers referrals for treatment, where appropriate. Call 0300 365 0300.

Services for Non-English Speakers

When non-English speakers are having problems with their mental health, it can be hard to find help. Language is often a barrier. This is because many mental health charities and services do not have the resources for a language-specific service.

However, the Berkshire Talking Therapies programme is available in a wide variety of languages. If you know someone with mental health difficulties who struggles with English, put them in touch with Talking Therapies.

Talking Therapies is a counselling and support service. Through trained professionals and community volunteers, it gives mental health patients a chance to discuss their issues and seek help for them. Talking therapy services are best suited for someone suffering from anxiety, stress related conditions, OCD and other cognitive disorders.

Contact the Language Support Service for Talking Therapies on 0300 365 2000.

You can also find information about Talking Therapies online.

Crisis Care for Mental Health in Slough

If you are concerned for somebody’s immediate safety and wellbeing, you should call 999 and request an ambulance. If somebody is in crisis but not in immediate danger, you can get healthcare advice by calling 111. A mental health crisis can be a medical emergency because patients are often a risk, either to themselves or to others.

If you are worried about your own mental health or seeking support for a loved one in crisis, you can also call the Slough Mental Health Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Service.  Telephone them on 0300 365 0300.

This guide to mental health services Slough was created by Slough Plumber, your local plumbing service.


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