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Slough Plumbers – FAQs

Plumber Slough FAQs – General

Q? Do you use trench-less technology for sewer repairs?

A. Yes. We use sophisticated technology for all our services that require the use of such equipment.

Q? Do you use CCTV inspection to detect water leaks?

A. Yes, we use CCTV inspection systems. Continue reading the Plumber Slough FAQs page to find out more about our services.

Q? Do you provide a guarantee period?

A. Yes. We provide a 12 month guarantee period.

Q? How long does it take for an emergency plumbing team to arrive?

A. Our emergency plumbing team are dispatched immediately and would arrive to your address within an hour.

Q? Are all your plumbers certified?

A. Yes. We specifically hire certified plumbers only and Slough plumbers who have undergone training in real-time situations.

Q? What payment methods do you offer?

A. We offer credit card payments, bank transfers and cash payments.

Q? Do you offer commercial plumbing services?

A. Yes, we cater to commercial, domestic and industrial clients.

Q? What are the operating hours?

A. We operate 24/7, all year around.

Q? Would there be any any special offers available for customers who receive plumbing services?

A. Yes, we most definitely do provide special offers for some services. So, keep checking our website regularly.

Q? Do you provide a local plumbing service?

A. Yes. We have a team of local specialists to serve customers in Slough as well as in surrounding areas.

Q? Do you use energy-efficient methods?

A. Yes, we also pay special attention towards being energy-efficient in all the services we provide.

Q? Do you offer discounts on plumbing services?

A. Yes, we do have special offers and discounts on certain services. So, please check our website regularly for more information.

Q?  How do I find the best plumbers in Slough?

A. You are guaranteed to find the best plumbers in Slough if you get in touch with us. Simply, call the number provided on the ‘contact us‘ page and we will get you in touch with your ideal plumber.

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