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Leak Detection Specialist- Steven Bright

Struggling with a leaky shower that makes your bathroom wet? Haven’t been able to find the perfect local leak detection company? This is where we come in. Especially, our local leak detection specialist, Steven Bright is an all round plumber who will fix any of your leaky sinks, pipes, showers and boilers. Also we are a leading plumbing company in Slough. So, call your Local Plumbing Company Slough today for an initial free estimate.

Modern leak detection technology

Accordingly, our leak detection specialist and team have many years of experience using high tech plumbing equipment and technology to detect any leaks. So, we use CCTV camera systems to reach the source of the leak with no damage done to your property by means of drilling etc. In order to pin point exactly the source of the leak, we also use microphones to detect sounds from the leak.

Our Leak Detection Specialist

  • Microphones which can hear leaks
  • CCTV camera inspection
  • Pressure testing for pipes

Signs that you may have a leaky pipe

  • Your water bill escalates unusually
  • Changes in water meter reading when water is not is use
  • Spots that are warm on the surface of the floor
  • Can hear the sound of water when your water is not turned on
  • Bad odour coming from toilet walls, floor

Plumber Slough offers residential and commercial leak detection services. It is best to treat any water leak at the initial stage. Leaving a water leak to run for long periods could cause serious damage and can be very costly to repair. If simply DIY methods don’t work, it is advisable to call a good local plumbing service. Plumber Slough is the best and most efficient plumbing service in Slough with more than 30 leakages detected a month in and around Slough. So, if you’re looking for plumbers in slough, then you know where you need to go!

We offer a 12 month guarantee on our leak detection services. Call us today for the best local emergency leak detection service.

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